CS Keywords

Computer science has an absolute boat load of keywords and terms that you need to learn, which is why we feel that keywords are one of the most important aspects of learning computer science.

We’ve made lots of online and interactive keyword games that will help you in developing the necessary vocabulary for computer science, such as, word searches, scrambles, match ups and just a plain old glossary if you are stuck!

A glossary of key computer science terms for you to loop up.

In this game you must match the computer science keyword with the correct description. Do you know what each keyword means?

In this game a computer science term has been scrambled. Can you work out the term and rearrange the letters?

Keyword starter tasks that can be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint and put directly into your lessons. Includes guess the keyword from the description.

In this game you must try to find the computer science keywords in the jumble of letters. Search and find all of the computer science keywords in the word search.