Caesar Cipher Wheel

A Caesar cipher is a great example of an early form of encryption used by Julius Caesar himself, to send encrypted messages that his enemies could not decipher.

Below we have some great resources for you to try out our decoder wheel online and see how it works, so you can try encrypting and decrypting messages just like they did in the Roman times.

We have resources for students and for teachers below the applicable headings.

Caesar Cipher Wheel


Decoder wheel online

caesar cipher wheel, decoder wheel online

Try your hand at encrypting and decrypting messages using the decoder wheel online. It’s really simple to use, simply enter the shift value and you are ready to encrypt and decrypt using the cipher.

– use this decoder wheel online on its own to encrypt and decrypt your own messages. Make secret messages for you friends to read by encrypting your message. They can then use the same shift to decrypt the message.

– try encrypting some computer science keywords

– try decrypting some computer science keywords


Print out randomly generated puzzle worksheets. This would be a good activity if your class has made some of their own wheels (template below).

Build your own by printing it out – available in word docx format or pdf

A4 – 1 sided

A4 worksheet where students will decrypt some randomly selected Computer Science keywords (will open in new tab)

A4 worksheet where students will encrypt some randomly selected Computer Science keywords (will open in new tab)