Vigenere Cipher encryption

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N.B - This help section is in the process of being written, below is the help for using the Caesar cipher wheel

How do I encrypt a message using the Caesar Cipher?

First we need to know the shift value. This is displayed below after the text that says "Encrypt the following word using a shift of " and is randomised each time.

If this value said 7 we would enter the number 7 into the "Enter shift value" box at the top.
You will see the outer wheel turn so that the letter A on the outer wheel is over the letter H on the inner wheel.

To encode or encrypt a message find the letter from the OUTSIDE you want to use and the letter next to it on the INSIDE is the coded letter you should write down.

EG If we wanted to encode the word "hat" we would find the letter h on the outside wheel and choose the letter on the inside - h = o. Same with the letter a = h and the same with the letter t = a. Hat shifted by 7 and encoded is oha.

Encryption Key Word =

Shift numbers from phrase =

Encrypt the following phrase -

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